Happy Fourth of July!!!! It's a birthday party, for the whole country .   Happy Birthday America!   This weekend the most popular colors are not pink and purple~ they are red, white and blue! Look at some of the designs for our nation's big day: This was done using Paradise "Patriot"  rainbow cake by   Mehron .   Fast and easy using a 3/4" flat brush and then details with a #4 round. You could go crazy with the "fireworks"! . . . speaking of Fireworks, I love the ones at Nashville, TN. They never disappoint.  If you can't make it to the Macy's display, this is the next best thing!                Enjoy! back to Nashville Painted Faces  

Celebrate in Green

                                    Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Today everybody is just a little bit Irish  . . . back to Nashville Painted Faces

Fun with scribles!

  Who says swirls need to be perfect and tear dropped?   Sometimes a squiggle        is just what you need. . .         a little glitter and voila!        Inspired by some high fashion make-up,  this face is just fabulous fun! I love the color combo, but this would work with lots of color   combinations.   How about ~ neon.   Some bling wouldn't hurt either.  (Just a little.) back to Nashville Painted Faces

Where are all my models?

A full face mermaid. On myself . For my niece's birthday!   She's showing her independence being 18.  Independent enough to NOT let me paint her!!!  So once again, I resort to myself as the model. Teenagers!  When my son was little he always would let me paint him.  Until he wouldn't ~unless it was "cool"! Apparently FX makeup and zombies are cool.  Or a tribal character, they are too. my son as a zombie    Most of the time models are scarce, and like most face painters I practice on myself or develop new designs on paper or practice sheets. Models, when we have them do have some rules to follow.   A model may not have a choice of what is being painted. I do try to give them a choice between what I am going to paint, but normally they get what they get.   They need to be still and not talk for at least 5 minutes. Sometimes longer if it is a design I am tweaking. They will be photographed and that photo may/will be used in marketi

Roll Camera - Action!

I am so thrilled.  I got to work my trade for a TV show.  What excitement.  Sorry there are no pictures to show and I cannot disclose what TV show, because I signed a nondisclosure agreement.  But I can say this:   I got to see first hand how a production on location is prepped, lighted, and filmed. Everything is entirely portable and it takes a village!  Portable monitors for each camera are viewed and the director advises what should be re~shot, how the camera angles are adjusted, and feeds lines to the actors.  One of the producers let me listen on his ear piece so I could hear the actor's lines.  It was awesome. Takes and retakes are done until the director and producer think they have enough for the scene.  How they edit it to make a seamless TV episode is a little more complicated and way beyond me.  Things are not filmed in the order they occur. We worked from 12 noon to a little past 2:30 to what may end up being a couple of minutes on screen, if that.  An actor playe

All my friends are dead walkers!

Zombie apocalypse can't come soon enough for a lot of folks. They won't wait for Halloween either!  I have attended zombie walks as a make up artist in NJ, Nashville, and at several universities.  I had the pleasure of making up a zombie wedding party.  Think Adams family meets walking dead! Have a look at some of the zombies from my past.  Notice, that zombies come in all ages and backgrounds. . . If you think zombie walks are not that popular, check this out.  The crowd at Asbury Park, NJ made Guinness World Record in 2010 and 2013.  Asbury Park, NJ  Zombie Walk back to Nashville Painted Faces

Continuing Education for Face Painters? Oh Yeah!

Today I attended an awesome workshop by Jacqueline Rivera Howe.   She is a talented artist and excellent teacher. She covered basic brush control, brushstrokes and how to enhance designs with glitter. students as models with instructor She demonstrated and had the students (ranging from novice to long time painters) practice, then she displayed the skills she taught in several designs. It takes dedication to be proficient at anything you want to do.  Like anything else, you need to learn to improve your skill set.  You can practice at your current level or you can strive for growth. Take opportunities to gain knowledge about technique, design, current products and tools. Face painters need to keep up as products and techniques improve.   There are conventions for face and body painters held all over the world.  Local workshops are available as well.  Private instruction is another option.   I like to attend at least one workshop or convention every year to keep